First of all, we have to understand that hospitalists are doctors who specialize or focus on hospital medicine treatment. It means, these doctors consider the hospital as their office. Hospitalists are involved in research, patient care, teaching related to hospital care.

The activity of a hospitalists focuses on hospital care for inpatients. They provide another way to assist in the traditional patient-doctor relationship. They also do not have any outside practices and focuses. Because of this, hospitalists are able to take care and have more time for hospital patients.

Today, providing hospitalist physicians in hospitals all over the world in a contractual basis is a best practice of many organizations and companies. This is because they are able to provide service to primary healthcare physicians who are regulars in the hospital’s medical staff. This means that they will be responsible for outpatient and emergency room care patients if a member of the medical staff doesn’t want the responsibility.

Another benefit that the hospital can take advantage of if they hire Hospitalists is that they will be able to move patients to the recovery process faster. Hospitals will now be able to do this without sacrificing the quality of hospital care. This means that it will eventually ease the frequent needs of the hospital on holding patients in the emergency department and also on the admission.

Hospitals will also benefit from hospitalist programs. This is because it actually reduces the patient’s length of stay and the hospital costs to about 15%. This program will also decrease the number of admissions that are inappropriate and the number of days denied for managed care companies. A hospitalist program also provides satisfaction rating for the patient and the family and it also improves relationship between the physician and the patient.


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