A knowledge worker is an individual who has specific knowledge, knowledge, and uses it to work. We know today by the knowledge into effective action, is a means to obtain results that are outside the individual, society, the economy.

A knowledge worker does not produce anything that is useful in itself does not provide for a physical product like a dress or a portfolio. It produces knowledge, ideas, information, products useless by themselves; someone must take them, integrating them into a task to make them productive. This assertion is that the knowledge worker needs an organization where they can integrate their knowledge into a larger whole.

They are knowledge workers both scientific researchers and surgeons, as cartoonists, managers or employees working with a computer


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    Workers individual as assemblage analysts, fluid developers, planners, programmers, and researchers who are geared primarily in acquisition, psychotherapy, and manipulation of aggregation as conflicting to in creation of artifact or services. A knowledge miss is anyone who entirety for a living at the tasks of developing or using noises.

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