Unlike manual worker, the knowledge worker owns the means of production, are its knowledge, are portable, are among his two ears. It is a person who identifies with their area of expertise, not their employer. The organization is a resource, an area where they apply their knowledge. His loyalty is not obtained through the wage but by offering opportunities for their development. There can, or should, be monitored. There can, or should, be monitored.

According to Peter Drucker2 "In terms of real knowledge about the productivity of knowledge worker, we will be in 2000 about where we were in 1900 in terms of knowledge about the productivity of manual laborer."

There is much that is known today about the productivity of knowledge worker, but they know some things that work to increase it.

For a start, making the knowledge worker more productive requires a change in attitude of both the employee and the company.

Labour must take responsibility because of what it means to be a knowledge worker and because the company is responsible for creating the environment for which the contributions of knowledge worker can be generated and applied. In the next issue will analyze the responsibilities of workers to increase their productivity.


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