It is said that uncommon for us in Indonesia to create a blog to share our CV and sell our potential. But it is a breakthrough I think, a unique way selling what you have. By blogging we can also let our reader know about idea, thought, knowledge telling a specific skill you are mastery.

Related to my post before about Interview Competency Question, job seeker may create a story about past experience related to competency that they have shown in organization for example. By writing in a blog, it would not hard to story again about past activities out side of lecture schedule, Just visit your blog to recall before having interview session or you can ask recruiter to visit your blog to get clearer figures about you, which you can state it in your application letter.

The story in your blog can be a nice, sad, happy story expressing your feeling, thinking and doing, as a of concept Competency Behavior Interview in digging interviewee’s competency.

This is really a short post as expressing of my mind in helping my younger brother to get understanding to prepare interview session and for my recruiter mates, it is a challenge to identify a true story, true statement of interviewees through their body language, eye direction when telling story.


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