In many interview session, sometimes we get nothing of candidates figure to report. In the other side an interview is an opportunity to learn more about each candidate and determine whether or how they will fit in with your organization.

I summarize some tips should help me get the most candidate information out of each interview. Here is for reference.

Do not talk too much

This often results in telling people far too much about the job and the company or talking about the interviewer’s experience and not giving the interviewee a chance to share information about their own relevant experience or competencies.

Do ask all the candidates the same questions

It is easy to get sidetracked from a line of questions, or to become bored with it. However, it is very difficult to make comparisons between applicants if you haven’t asked them all the same questions.

Do not ask useless questions or accept general answers

Many questions asked by unprepared interviewers are wasteful and are often just a rehash of what is written on the candidate’s résumé. It is important to use that résumé to develop a specific and detailed list of additional things you need to know in order to determine whether or not this person is right for your business.

Do not lose focus

Don’t allow yourself to be led into off-topic discussions. Talking about vacations or sports, or asking questions about interests have little or no bearing on the kinds of things you need to discover about the candidate. You need to make sure you gather enough job-related information before the end of the interview in order to assess the candidate’s fit with the position and your company.


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