I wonder whether a recruiter ask past employer to make a right decision making process when there are competitiveness among candidates to choose. But by asking the past employer we could get a point plus of their figures. These are good questions a recruiter may ask past employers :

Administrative Support Staff

  • Does the individual typically adhere strictly to job duties, or does he/she assume responsibilities beyond the basic, written job description?
  • Please comment on the person’s ability to accept constructive criticism.
  • How does he/she handle interruptions, breaks in routine and last minute changes?

Professional/Technical Candidates

  • How would you grade the candidate’s capacity for analytical thinking and problem solving?
  • Does the individual need close supervision to excel, or does he/she take more of an autonomous, independent approach to work?
  • How effective is the candidate at delivering bad news? Will he/she typically assume responsibility for things gone wrong?

Other reference to ask about :

  • The quality of the applicant’s work
  • The applicant’s ability to get along well with others
  • Whether or not the applicant had a good attitude and was motivated
  • Whether or not the applicant was honest
  • The reason the applicant left that job
  • Whether or not the past employer would hire the applicant again

For candidates, If your dreaming company runs this decision making process, make sure each your resignation process run smoothly so you could get a point plus to compete other candidates.


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