Last week, I have just attended a class for safety induction (refreshment), event this was a refreshment only, but I got enthusiastic to follow all of the material. I know this is useful for me especially for people who work in a workshop or field where job risk is high.

It is said a slogan that before doing something we have to “Take Two for Safety”. But it should not be a slogan only, it is not only a requirement to do, it must be a way of life. What do you think about it..? Spare 2 minutes to see what we are doing is so important and take a high impact of completing job safely by TAKE Two.

First letter is T for TALK, means talk to all concern about a job to do because i impact to others and get an information about the best way to the job from the expert ones.

The Second is A for ACTION, means we do need to considered what we are going to do is safe for our self, others and environment.

Next is K for KNOWLEDGE, means whether we know the written and unwritten procedures to do the job.

The last is E for EQUIPMENT, means whether we are protected by a right particular equipment for the job and a also equipped by particular tools then make sure a working condition is safe.

TAKE Two is about TALK, ACTION, KNOWLEDGE, and EQUIPMENT to the job safely and it should be a main check list to start a job which mean that because we are individually responsible for that and also we don’t want to hurt anybody, not even our self.


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