Have your ever attended a recruitment process using DISC..? DISC is Dominant, Influence Steadiness and Compliance. A tools to dig your personality base on 4 dimension which will be shown in a graph. There are some DISC version you can apply, one of them that I am using from Achieve Global, consist of two graph, one is about natural and other is about adaptive behavior.

There area ideal pattern for each position, for instance, Sales Representative pattern is combination on high “D” above score 75, High “I” but lower than “D” about 65 and low “I” and “S”. It means we do need a Sales Representative who has endurance in fighting the problem, it was identified by high “D” and able to communicate with others using their ability in influencing. Meanwhile, low “S” and “C” reflect a Sales Representative like change of situation and challenge, then we don’t need a Sales Representative that always comply to rules to achieve their goals, but don’t take the lowest one. Cause, it can be your nightmare in managing this person.

Do You want try DISC online to profile your personality, just visit here and get the report.


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