Last week…, I arranged a recruitment for hunting fresh graduate in UGM cooperate with CDC – UGM. Advertisement had been launched since first week of March 2008 and hoping to get many candidates to process in written test.

As usual, I outsourced paper selection process to CDC- UGM base on our requirement stated in vacancy advertisement. There was some positions to fill, such as Maintenance Engineer, Sales Engineer, Service Analyst and Technical Instructor which required spread out of Java Division and Kalimantan Division. It is around Jakarta, Cilegon, Surabaya, Semarang, Batam and also Samarinda

There were 130 candidates attended written test process, which divided in two session, in the morning and in the day. From first session 24 candidates passed to join competency interview and the second session passed about 32 candidates which some of them will be interviewed in third day, cause the second day has been full scheduled for 24 candidates, and the rest was arranged to interview in the next week by Human Resource Head Office.

In this event, I and friend of mine were surprised to candidates that we interviewed, most of them getting a high GPA, average 3,3 of 4 scale but the way they answer of our question were not representative as university graduation, moreover for those who has organization experience. My friend didn’t believe about this condition was calling one his friend who school for UGM in 1990 just to inform and share what happen to her younger class brother and sister.

Well, it doesn’t mean underestimate the graduation of UGM who has a big name among universities around Indonesia…but this is the fact… we find a low level competencies of candidates required by the position we offered, especially for Maintenance Engineer and Sales Engineer. We just tried to dig for some competencies such as Core Competencies which consist of Committed to Customer, Driving for Best Result, Strive for Quality , Practical Ethical Leadership, Committed to Organization Ethic, Committed to Learn and also General and Functional Competencies.

When I told this condition to CDC-UGM administration staff , and she also confirmed about this and this complaint raised from other companies that recruit from UGM. Hope this condition is realized by all concern.


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