Who is the person very knowing about sub-ordinate..? O f course, the manager means the leader. Is the manager is a leader..? Sorry, I am not so sure about this. Because many managers just like somebody that hold a position as manager only with all of their facilities that provided by company.

It is not too difficult to identify if someone is a manager as a leader or just an ordinary manager. Take a look tightly in every manager's behavior when company has an unpopular policy to be implemented. It is supposed People Development method has to change from in class training to on the job training with 95% through on the job training and 5% through Off The Job Training or In Class Training.

A manager who is a leader will support this policy and no resistance to their own self in implement it moreover in this global financial crisis that impact to economy slow down and also slow the business.

But however what I write is not the only one of identifying a manager as a leader. It's only my reflection what I see in the office daily activities a long day with area manager.

What about managers in your company..?


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