I have just conducted recruitment process supported by Career Development Center - Gadjah Mada University. We're recruiting candidate for Management Trainee positions that planned on board for development program in Sept 17, 2007. Those all were about 100 applicants sent application to CDC-UGM, then filtered as requirement for management trainee, the first written test was attended by 80 applicants.
It is my yearly agenda to search candidates for any kind of position in the business unit. Even though we conducted it in UGM, actually it is open for all students from other universities as long as meet the requirement stated in vacancy advertisement. I also welcome both fresh graduate and experience applicants to apply for any position such as Management Trainee, Sales Representative, Parts Analyst.
The main position is Management Trainee while the others that unmatched for management trainee consider for Sales Representative, Parts Analyst within my business unit.
From several experiences of recruiting in UGM which consist of some applicants from different universities, students from UGM is a majority. But when I advertised vacant position for Safety Officer in UNS (Univesitas Negeri Surakarta) and UGM, applicants from UNS was the most. It shows me interesting of the student for the position offered from different university is different.
One thing was unique, almost of application letter of candidates were the same format each others. What's up mates...? It seems our graduation of D3 is not creative any more just to make application letter..?
I just want to share and remind. When we apply to any kind of organization, we do need to show our value, skill, knowledge and experience that related to position applied. I think it would be different content of paragraph application letter for different position and different company. It doesn't mean inconsistency of content, but we are telling our strength to impressed and convince the reader.
Remember...front page of your application only has chance for 5 seconds to influence reader to open next page. So.. make your application letter impressed.


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