Awalnya artikel ini saya buat untuk mengikuti Kompetisi Menulis Artikel dalam Bahasa Inggris di Group Perusahaan dimana saya bekerja. Tapi saya membuatnya terlalu cepat karena ternyata tema nya belum ditentukan, tema baru akan dilaunch pada tanggal tertentu dan setiap penulis hanya diberikan waktu selama kurang dari 36 jam untuk membuat artikel tersebut dan diserahkan kepada panitia. Tapi ...apalah dikata saya sudah membuatnya, dan ketika temanya benar-benar dilaunch saya benar-benar tidak memiliki ide yang bisa dituangkan dalam waktu kurang dari 36 jam apalagi harus ditulis dalam bahasa inggris, maklum masih pemula.

Nah..Artikel dibawah ini saya buat dalam waktu 4 jam (otak ini dipaksa untuk cari ide..:)) setelah mendapatkan inspirasi dari kejadian saat pulang dari bekerja. Semoga menjadi inspirasi untuk menulis hal lain. :)

Don’t Read This Article

Does title sound strange…? or doest it make you are curios to read the content …?. Well, just read the rest of the article to satisfy your curiosity.

This article was written to response English Writing Competition held by Tiara Marga Trakindo which I received in my inbox several days a go. I have been motivated to win the prize…hmmm…a JVC handycam (I imagine to scrolling it for my energetic smart daughter).

Ups.. back to the laptop…
OK…Starting with blank idea in the mind, on my way home riding a motorcycle, I was thinking deeply what interesting theme of article to sent while there was no specific article theme defined. When I arrived home and welcomed in by my energetic smart daughter’s screaming… “Ayahhhh….” while running holding a cake on her right hand then collide me, the cake was falling down and actively she wanted to take it soon. Her hand was on the cake when I said “ Don’t take it dear…it is dirty” but she ignored what I said and just put it in her mouth with no doubt. The faster I tried to stop the faster she put it in her mouth.

Then after taking a bath, I sit in the front chair of my home, remembered about an article of Dr. Joe Vitale which titled is the same as title of this article, the title of Dr. Joe Vitale’s article attracted me to read the rest of the content which talked about tips of writing an article, one of them is how make your article read. He uses a negative command to attract reader read his article. Amazingly…. It does works, and you are one of them was attracted reading this article using his technique.

The illustration above may tell us that negative command is not responded by our brain. The rest of statement is processed and it can be an action. Look at the first time your eyes catching the title of this article…what’s on in your brain.. will you read this article simply if I write the title “Read This Article”, it is un-interesting, isn’t it. Using Dr. Joe Vitale’s technique, I tried to influence and made you are curios to read by adding “Don’t” in the front of “ Reading This Article”. There would be a question in your brain, “why don’t the writer want me to read this article”, you wonder and get curiosity…then it makes you read the rest of article. OK…take a look. What will it appear in your mind, if you catch a title of article or a subject of email “Don’t sent this article to your family”, “Don’t do it while interview”, “Don’t invest your money on this bank”. The command “Don’t” is tagging the statement stronger than creating it in a positive command. What about this… “Don’t think of your child at home”, “Don’t think about future”. Does statement make you think contrarily .It is not a magic but scientific.

However. It is an invitation to build a positive environment and communication by using a word or sentences in a positive way, cause positive create a hope and make us motivated.


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    wah wah saya g bisa bahasa inggris mas.. jadi mo kasih comment pkk english, takut di tertawain

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