During Interview

• Self Confidence
• Smile and Keep eye contact (NO STARRING)
• No "umm.."
• Relax but respectful
• Honest & to the point
• Courteous & well-mannered
• Observe the Interviewer

After Interview
• Ask the time of follow-up[
• Say Thank you
• Leave the room in no hurry
• Send a thank you note

• Arrive at least 15 minutes early
• Fill out the application form neatly and completely
• Firm shake hands & greet the Interviewer
• Walt until you are offered a chair before sitting
• Sit properly
• Show enthusiasm
• Shake hand and say 'Thank You"

• Don't debate the Interviewer
• Don't stare at the interviewer too long
• Don't be hysterical
• No chewing, eating
• Don't 'over answer' questions
• Don't enquire about SALARY orBONUSES
• Don't exaggerate
• Don't answer with a simple "yes" or "no"

How to Dress to Interview
• Keep your shoes in good condition
• Hair should be neatly styled
• Make up should be subtle
• Nails should be clean, neat and reasonable length
• Dress for the Job you want
• Avoid bright, flashy colors and patterns
• Keep jewelry to a minimum
• Avoid wearing strong perfume or cologne

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